We talk to Gareth Grimes, head of sales at DMG Dental, about how Dentamile software can build your customer network and ensure labs remain a central part of the dental team Leave a comment

Tell us about DentaMile software, does it offer something for most labs, from the smallest 1-person lab to larger corporates?
DentaMile is our fully encrypted, innovative cloud-based software with a range of user licenses to suit different needs, enabling the dental practice to design the appliance themselves for the lab to print, or just send the scan file for design and print to be carried out by the lab. This means there is the perfect solution for everyone depending on how involved they want to be in the process. From the lab side, this gives great networking opportunities as they can offer licenses to their dental partners and grow their business through printing.
The workflows within DentaMile have been created to make the entire design, fabrication, and processing procedure easier, slicker, and faster – giving users confidence that the appliance will be created without any hold backs.

That sounds very innovative, is the software exclusive to DMG?

Yes it is, it has been created in-house. We have a dedicated team in Hamburg at DMG Headquarters who are constantly implementing new ideas to help users get the best from it. What I love most is that they are open to feedback and really take on comments from our current users in order to improve the software and make it as efficient, practical, and beneficial as possible.

How does it differ to other options?

The DentaMile software is the key differentiator in our workflow. It is fully encrypted making it secure and compliant, and it is also cloud-based so everything can be easily accessed by authorised users wherever you are – allowing design to be carried out away from the lab if required, which is great for home working.
It is open to all intraoral scanning devices and it is fun to use, almost child’s play so to speak – which is great when it comes to dental practices who want to design appliances and then delegate the printing to the lab. Alternatively, it can work the other way around, the dental practice can send the STL file securely over to the lab for design, then it can be sent back and printed chairside for same day dentistry. This is what many patients now want and I think it is where we are heading. DMG are conscious about ensuring labs remain a part of the dental team so DentaMile has been designed to help keep labs in the loop with same day dentistry.


We have smooth and efficient workflows for the production of splints and bleaching trays but with the use of other software alongside it – such as Netfabb – models, implant guides, special trays, gingival masks and casts can also be designed and printed. The team in Hamburg are constantly innovating so you can expect more to come!
The bleaching tray workflow is a game changer. The quality of the print and the softness and clarity of the resin is pretty impressive and the costs associated make it a no brainer!

Are there any automation aspects that speed up the design process?

Our system is not automated but it only requires a very short learning curve, everything else is prompted and fully explained. All the parameters are pre-programmed with our Luxaprint resins and the whole workflow carries RFID-detection of material.
We provide excellent training and ongoing support free of charge, which is carried out by our in-house technical support managers.

Is there a lab to lab option? Say, for cases where a lab may sub out specific work?

Of course, the whole idea behind DentaMile is to create a network of printing facilities to support the whole dental population, obviously there is an option to lock users into labs and keep them hidden from the DentaMile network.

Tell us a little about the start-up costs

Because DentaMile is cloud-based it just requires a good Wifi connection or LAN and Google Chrome. Costs are super competitive, the full production license is £1135 + VAT a year and to simply give your customer a license allowing them to securely send cases would be £68 + VAT, which is kept at a low cost to enable labs to add a margin on for their own profit.

Would you help labs seek customers wanting these lab services?

We already have a number of labs using our complete workflow and part of that agreement is to help merge current and new customers on to the DentaMile platform and provide the training. This is something we feel strongly about because we want to make the whole process fast and simple.

Please contact Gareth on 01656 789 401 or to arrange a demo.

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