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Dental technology has always been a male-dominated industry but, as we all know, there is now a large number of female techs in our midst, which is starting to shift the balance in a really positive way.
Four incredible, like-minded technicians have joined forces to create Nightshift, a Facebook group dedicated to elevating and celebrating female technicians. Nina Frketin, Deepa Bharakhda, Emily Pittard and Eleanor Pittard are working together to accomplish this goal, and the group is already gaining a lot of traction. While the idea behind the group is to give female techs a space where they can showcase their knowledge and skills, it is open to anyone.

The group manifesto is to:
• Put the spotlight on amazing, female dental techs
• Celebrate and normalise female dental technicians as leaders and educators in the industry
• Connect women working in dental laboratories with their peers and build a strong sense of community and mentorship among them.


The team want to make Nightshift a force to be reckoned with and inspire as many female techs to step out of their comfort zone as possible. They encourage the sharing of skills through cases, photography, top tips, and discussion, in a space where women fully support one another… as do the men in the group.
Co-founder of Nightshift, and Dental Technician Magazine editorial board member, Deepa Barakhda said: ‘I believe there are so many female techs out there that are equally talented and they just need a platform that can support them and give them a voice, to be able to showcase their work, and build a community that supports one another. Nightshift is a platform that we started and are very proud of and I cannot wait for what’s to come.’
There is a strong focus on sharing tips, teaching and learning, with #techtipmonday becoming a firm favourite. Each week, a different tech shares one of their favourite insights, with the aim of helping and inspiring others. So far, topics have included photography, social media, tools, and much more.
The ultimate goal for Nightshift is to put together an all-female speaker online symposium. They plan to host speakers from all around the world, in a format that enables people to view and attend no matter where they may be. All speakers will have backgrounds in dental technology, but they plan to include technicians with additional expertise in photography, marketing, and lab ownership to bring different perspectives and value for the audience.


Nightshift feels like the beginning of something very special. It’s not just about creating a female group, its about celebrating exceptionally talented techs in an inclusive manner sharing tips and techniques, helping one another and creating an environment for healthy, supportive discussion. If you haven’t already, you really need to check out some of the work being shared on this group!
Nina, Deepa, Emily and Eleanor truly believe you need to be the change you want to see, so let’s get behind them and support this initiative by sharing, liking and talking about it! Just search ‘Nightshift’ on Facebook to join.

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