When presented with a case that requires the rehabilitation and restoration of the entire mouth, dental technicians require a workflow that they know will restore lost function, be comfortable and provide a natural aesthetic appearance that is personalised to the patient. It is also important that the workflow provides reliably reproducible results, minimising the chance of error and saving clinical chair time where possible. GC’s OPTIGLAZE, Initial LiSi Block and Initial IQ ONE SQIN work together seamlessly to cover the entire restorative process, from provisionals to the final restoration, eradicating unnecessary steps and saving time without compromising on the final result. Leave a comment


GC’s OPTIGLAZE, Initial LiSi Block and Initial IQ ONE SQIN can be used to create a complete restoration regime that simplifies the process to make exceptional aesthetic results achievable in an efficient and uncomplicated way.
OPTIGLAZE is a light-cured coating for indirect restorations, providing a simple solution to add characterisation to everyday aesthetic creations. There are a wide variety of colours for both internal and external characterisation. The product’s surface gloss effectively cuts time spent on polishing, while the nano-filler technology gives restorations a high wear resistance, reduces discolouration and provides a long-lasting gloss.
Maximiliano Paterlini (pictured left), dental technician and founder of MP Dental Studio in Malaga, recommends OPTIGLAZE for provisional restorations, which he considers a vital aspect of the restorative process. On a recent case of a 52-year-old female patient he was seeking a radical change to existing composite restorations in the shortest time possible without orthodontics. He explains: ‘OPTIGLAZE was applied to all teeth: B Plus was applied to the cervical and middle area, Lavender and Blue in the incisal zone and Orange in the interproximal zone. Especially in this type of complex cases, these temporary restorations are important to see and evaluate study shapes, sizes, proportions, occlusion, functionality and aesthetics.’
Initial LiSi Block is a Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Block, providing outstanding physical and aesthetic properties without the need for firing. This unique product features GC’s proprietary High Density Micronisation (HDM) technology for CAD/CAM dentistry which delivers high wear resistance, smooth margins and aesthetic results. Initial LiSi Block is available in five aesthetic shades and two translucencies for simple patient personalisation. High gloss and natural opalescence can be achieved in just a few minutes of polishing, making it an ideal time-saving solution.
Paterlini explains Initial LiSi Block works in full mouth rehabilitation cases to create a completely personalised solution. ‘The shade A1 LT (low translucency) was chosen because all restorations were full crowns. A high translucency could lead to loss of value in this case, resulting in a more greyish appearance of the crowns. Being a complete rehabilitation and favourable substrate, a cut-back and micro layering was chosen, which gives natural aesthetics thanks to the combination of the Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE, Initial Spectrum Stains and Initial IQ SQIN ceramics – the ‘ONE SQIN’ concept.’
Initial IQ ONE SQIN is a paintable colour-and-form ceramic system that includes Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE, Initial Spectrum Stains and Initial IQ SQIN Ceramics. This system makes it quick and easy to achieve high aesthetic results that are comparable to traditional layered restorations. The self-glazing properties mean that a glazed finish is achieved in a single firing, and the optimal fluorescence level ensures aesthetics under all light conditions.
The stability and visual control of this three materials workflow produces reliable, reproducible results that are both aesthetic and functional and Paterlini is a great advocate: ‘A step-by-step work protocol is established where the margin of error is exponentially reduced… it [is possible] to restore a full arch with the right materials and the right protocol. The result is a fully functional and aesthetic work with a natural appearance.’

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