Welcome, our website is designed as a tool for our subscribers and we are busy developing various elements that we believe will be helpful to dental technicians.


We are developing a forum that will allow readers to respond to various topics of concern to them. For subscribers only, we will allow you to suggest topics that you believe will generate an ongoing discussion with fellow technicians. To suggest a topic please email editor@dentaltechnician.org.uk. We are hoping that individuals that register on our site but not necessarily subscribers to the magazine will be able to respond to the topics raised. We will accept subjects that are of a technical nature that need to be discussed and brought to the attention of our readers. We will also allow non-technical topics to be suggested. Please remember the magazine has been published since 1947 and is now in its 70th year. It is not affiliated to any organisation or quango and is free of any political bias. Its main purpose is to service members. I.e. to serve you. This is your way to communicate to other members. All we ask is that it is kept legal and as Kenny Everett once said make sure ‘it’s all done in the best possible taste!’

Jobs Board

We are developing a jobs board for you. We are hoping that individuals that subscribe to the magazine will receive alerts to any potential jobs in their area of expertise. Further announcements on how this will work will be added in the next month’s edition.

Press Releases

The Dental Technician is a publication for dental technicians and dental laboratories. As such press releases, will be added to our website. Dental laboratories will be allowed to add their own press releases to the website if we consider it to be newsworthy. These will be published it on the website and if we consider the press release of exceptional interest we will also publish it in the magazine. other We can allow individual dental technicians to suggest a press release if we feel would benefit fellow technicians. To add a press release please send an email to editor@dentaltechnician.org.uk

Past Articles

We are looking to add past articles onto the website. This will allow our members to revisit articles they may have read. We will be adding articles shortly been published and are more than two months old. The website will be searchable, allowing readers to find that elusive articles that they have made in the past.

 Continuing Professional Development

We are working on allowing our members to submit their CPD online and are hoping to eventually introduce this service at a reduced rate to the submitting CPD by post or email. If you successfully complete the CPD an email is automatically sent to you attaching a certificate proving that you have answered the questions successfully. If you are unsuccessful, you have to wait 24 hours before submitting your answers again. We are currently beta testing the CPD section of our website. Therefore, for the second month running the online CPD service will be offered free of charge. You can course still send email CPD normal way. If you have any questions as part of our service then please email cpd@dentaltecnnician.org.uk


Now with our website open renewing your subscription has just become a lot easier. To renew just going to www.dentaltechnician.org.uk/uk-subscriptions/. At £29.50 per annum this represents incredible value for money. There are 10 issues per year with the Christmas and Summer editions being combined into two months each. I hope you agree that our editor and staff deserve a well-deserved break during this period.

This is your website

The website is dedicated to his subscribers. As a result we welcome any suggestions the world allow us to serve you better for suggestions. Your suggestion may not only be limited to our website by any other online resource which you feel you would like to see. Please email info@dentaltechnician.org.uk with your thoughts. We would be delighted to hear from you.

For CPD our members can still answer in the normal way by post or email. If you decide to answer the questions online and you answer them successfully then you will receive a certificate straightaway. The cost of this is normally £10. However, to celebrate 70 years in publication, our platinum anniversary, the service will be free of charge until the end of February. To use this service please go the CPD section.

We are introducing a searchable blog post which will consist of past articles in the magazine and also other articles which we feel would be of interest to our members.

Finally, we are introducing a forum which will allow dental technicians and other related individuals to communicate with each other. We hope the forum will be used for techinical or topical discussions.

Editor's Message

The Dental Technician Magazine celebrates its platinum year from its foundation in 1947. We are proudly progressing and, under new ownership, we are setting out to be the cornerstone of news, comment and educational content for dental technology today. We are gradually growing our spread of interesting articles from some of the best technicians and teachers in Britain and Ireland. Our aim is to remain the number one topical and reference source for you, our professional readership – staying on top of the changes in technology and being tuned to events and breakthroughs as they happen. We will this year be adding an interactive website with CPD available on-line, and a real job vacancies programme appealing directly to the interested and motivated technician with an ambition to be the best in whatever area of technology they have chosen to work within. Let us continue to make the The Dental Technician our journal.

If you want to be directly involved with articles, tips, opinions and case histories, just contact me online or by phone. I would love to hear from you!

- Larry Browne, Editor

Email: editor@dentaltechnician.org.uk

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