Technicians Merit Awards Scheme

From Dental Technicians Great Britain Facebook Group and the Dental Technician Magazine

Chris Trowbridge, our marketing manager has done a sterling job in contacting and listening to those of you who have thrown your hats in the ring, to form and build an organisation which can create an interesting and worthwhile Awards Scheme which recognises the skill and ingenuity of technicians for a truly well-earned award, from those of us engaged in technical dentistry.

We are delighted to confirm the following judges representing these awards categories as part of the brand new “The Technicians Merit Award Scheme”

Best Ceramics/Crown and Bridge Technician – Judged by Andrew Wheeler (Precision Ceramics) Sponsored by Ivoclar Vivadent
Best Prosthetics Technician – Judged by Chris Wibberley (CW Dentures) Sponsored by Bredent
Best Orthodontics Technician – Judged by Andrea Johnson (OTA and Den-Tech) Sponsored by WHW Plastics
Best Chrome Technician – Judged by Dave Smith (Phoenix Dental Castings)
Best Hospital Tech/Maxfac – Judged by Iain Mur-Nelson (St George’s University) Sponsored by 3Shape
Best Innovative Technician – Judged by Magnus Underhay (MJ Underhay Dental Lab) Sponsored by Shofu
Head Judge is Bill Sharpling (LonDEC, King’s College London)

A winner from each of the above categories will be chosen by you, our readers and the Facebook group members from nominees selected by our judges on a quarterly basis!

Essentially the idea behind creating this Awards Scheme is to encourage many dental technicians across the UK to showcase their work and achieve recognition by so doing.

All dental technicians can submit their entries to Dental Technicians Great Britain Facebook Group (if you are not a member join now!) or by post to The Dental Technician Magazine.

There will also be two other awards that will be voted for at the end of the year rather than on a quarterly basis:

Best Sales Representative

Best Supplier


Members of Dental Technicians Great Britain and The Dental Technician Magazine are invited to share case studies/videos/pictures to the open forum showing good examples of work/progress in their respective field. Offerings can also be physical and can be sent to respective judges on the panel.

Members can also share industry news/tips and techniques/relevant outsourced video or picture content in a bid to strengthen their profile as a key contributor.

Judges will choose from entries on a quarterly basis and will be required to decide on a winner that will then be a nomination for the overall award at the end of the scheme.

It is the judges descretion to decide on the attributes for picking a winner.

A total of four nominations for each category will then be put to the overall group/magazine readership to pick their winner for each award at the end of the year (January 2020 to December 2020)

Rules and Regulations:

Each Dental Technician is allowed one entry per month.

An entry is a contribution relative to their field/category in the form of a pictures or video of their work, 3D example (sent by post), case study, informative article, educational article, a form of supportive advice

Entries are to be submitted on to Dental Technicians Great Britain open forum or sent into The Dental Technician Magazine using

Entries judged on quarterly basis by the judging panel.
One nominee per category will be chosen to make the end of year nominations list.
Each award will have four end of year nominees.
Copying or plagiarism, of other technician’s work will result in a ban from the awards scheme.
Offensive or derogatory comments on entries will result in a ban from awards scheme
We look forward to seeing what you have offer, GOOD LUCK!

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