Steve will be rallying the troops at the ADI Team Congress 2022 within the Technicians’ Programme. He says:

“I will look at manufacturing processes in dental technology and demonstrate why many analogue workflows are no longer fit for purpose. Now is the time for action and I’ll being calling colleagues to arms and take up digital if they want to keep their businesses open.

“I will share a very honest journey on how I transitioned from analogue to digital, considering the impact of digital on our capacity and our workflows. I will also discuss the digital workflow from acquisition to production. The different solutions available will be explored from intraoral scanners to 3D printers and milling machines. A benefit of the ADI Team Congress is that delegates can view solutions and speak to representatives in the exhibition, but they can also seek unbiased opinions about the equipment from speakers and peers. 

“Gaining vision is one thing, but it’s not enough for delegates to leave the lecture hall and forget about it. Even in the current situation, digital labs are growing rapidly because they can offer better, more efficient and more effective services that the old ways simply can’t compete with. We need to value the technical team and their skills, and innovate with technology.

We need a new mindset and we need it now.”

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