NOVEMBER 2019 TO BE MOUTH CANCER AWARENESS MONTH Launch from the Houses of Parliament on October 29th Leave a comment

Mouth cancer has for too long continued to infect more people of all ages. It is particularly growing in young people, which is thought to be linked to the combination of drinking and smoking.  The whole profession must take responsibility for actively spreading the word and help to alter the awareness of this dreadfully nasty cancer.  Thought to be the only cancer that continues to grow through the population.  Information is the key to getting the potential victims to take more care and to be aware of the early signs and the type of lifestyle which may increase the risk and potential for oral cancer to spread.
November will be the Cancer Awareness Month 2019.  So if you can get involved by joining one of the many dentally organised campaigns in your area then please do.  Those technicians who have had to work on post cancer case rebuilding will understand the terrible affect the disease has when associated with the face, head and neck.  The mouth, which is at the center of our daily interaction with our neighbours, family and friends can become so disfigured it completely changes the life and often the mental wellbeing of the patients it affects.  Learn to talk about the simple checks we all can make to ensure we do not become the victim of this terrible disease.
On October 29th there is a meeting to launch the campaign which is being organised at the House of commons Stranger’s Dining Room. Between 4pm and 6pm.

Tel: 01788 539781
Smile House, 2 East Union Street, Rugby, CV22 6AJ

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