The ceramill® matik marks the dawn of a new era in in-house fabrication. As an intelligent production solution, it clearly sets itself apart from conventional milling machines with its blank changers. The fully integrated fabrication unit offers the laboratory the possibility to design its workflow independently and flexibly. It dramatically reduces the effort and complexity of tool and material management. Automatic maintenance and cleaning saves time and helps the technician focus on the essential day-to-day work.

  • 10X DNA control centre – the control unit: 10 axis control for activating the mechanics
  • 10” Touchscreen – the operating element: Integrated and intuitive order management
  • 36 x Blank Tank – the material manager: RFID supported stock management
  • 100K Super High Frequency Spindle – the power pack: Hybrid bearing, high performance, super high frequency spindle (100,000 rpm)
  • 26 x Tool Stock – the tool manager: RFID supported tool management with exchangeable tool magazine that automatically identifies and assigns the correct tool for the material
  • 5X Processing Station – the milling
  • unit: High quality dynamic and stable
  • 5X system
  • Interior HD camera – full view:
  • Camera for remote monitoring of the production process
  • ceramill® cleanstream –the automation specialist: Integrated self-cleaning system

For more information or a demonstration please contact
WHW on 0800 0092 444

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