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The rapid advances in digital dentistry have already changed the way treatment is delivered to patients, enabling greater accuracy, consistency, and standardisation of procedures. Digital dentistry is increasingly being adopted by dental labs and there has never been a better time to explore how to take advantage of this new technology.
With such an array of options on the market, it can be difficult for lab owners and technicians to ensure they are investing in the right equipment and materials for their specific needs. The Henry Schein Dental Laboratory team is here to help customers make the most of digital opportunities, offering the ideal choices, combined with expertise, service, training, and support to help them get ahead.

Lab Vision
To aid further in choosing the right equipment and materials to fit the lab’s workflow, the new autumn/winter 2023 edition of Henry Schein Dental Laboratory’s Lab Vision brochure is now available, packed full of the latest technology and special offers to help speed up production and reduce costs.

Here is a preview of some of the latest featured products:

Versatile 3D printing
Thanks to the increasing affordability and ease of use of the latest generation of printers, 3D printing has become an integral part of dentistry across all specialities while also providing a cost-effective alternative to centralised outsourcing for labs.
The SprintRay Pro 95 S makes learning and delegating 3D printing easy for high-volume dental labs as well as those just starting out. User-friendly software and self-monitoring hardware combine to give high print speeds and a large print area, with upgraded optics that improve uniformity across the build platform.
The SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry is the first fully automated, two stage wash and dry system in the SprintRay portfolio. It is designed for use with the SprintRay Pro for cleaner parts, less waste and faster workflows.
The SprintRay ProCure 2 is SprintRay’s most advanced post-curing system. Thanks to its special post-curing mechanism, the ProCure 2 can fully post-cure printed parts in just a few minutes, using both light and heat for optimal mechanical properties

The move to lab scanners
Lab scanners can bring efficiency and versatility into lab workflows, accommodating scans for all indications with design software that offers outstanding accuracy and intuitive design capabilities.
The all-new F8 lab scanner is 3Shape’s most versatile and intuitive scanner to date. The F8’s sophisticated open design with no lid sits easily on any benchtop for faster, easier loading and removal of models, plus two scanning plates means two models can be scanned simultaneously for even faster production. The F8 can also handle die-in models, an upright articulator and vertical impressions, offering new ways for labs to bring analogue cases into a digital workflow.

Compact sintering furnace
The Ivoclar Programat S2 is a compact furnace designed for sintering copings, frameworks and full-contour restorations made of IPS e.max ZirCAD or other zirconium oxide materials. The unit can sinter at temperatures up to 1600°C, offering the ability to process crowns fabricated with IPS e.max ZirCAD in as little as 75 minutes.
Featuring a large colour touchscreen, enhanced user interface, and large cooling tray, the Programat S2 is equipped with the latest software to control the sintering process and provide highly accurate results. Progress can also be monitored via mobile devices using the Programat app.

Outstanding aesthetics
The Zirlux zirconia portfolio stands out for the versatility it brings to a digital workflow. Zirlux digital materials provide predictable aesthetic results, without the need for extensive post-production work, and gives technicians the ability to digitally design and mill an expanded range of zirconia restorations.
The Zirlux portfolio includes:
• Zirlux Complete: high strength, highly aesthetic multi-layered, perfect for both anterior and posterior restorations
• Zirlux Esthetic TR: Strong and highly aesthetic with transitional strength and translucency throughout the entire Zirconia disc.

Pressable ceramics
Initial LiSi™ Press is the revolutionary pressable ceramic from GC that combines high strength, long-lasting aesthetics and ease of use. Initial LiSi Press is the first lithium disilicate ceramic with High Density Micronisation (HDM), GC’s proprietary technology that provides outstanding physical properties and natural, lifelike aesthetics.
GC Initial LiSi™ Block fully crystallised lithium disilicate block features HDM technology for CAD/CAM dentistry for easy milling, smooth margins, high wear-resistance and aesthetic outcomes without firing. The ultrafine crystal makes it easy to grind and mill, and high gloss and natural opalescence can be obtained in minutes, just by polishing with the restoration then ready for luting.
To individualise milled restorations and dental frameworks made of zirconium dioxide or lithium disilicate, the paintable colour-and-form ceramic system GC Initial IQ ONE SQIN can be used to complete the final contour of restorations with vitality, texture and natural gloss.

Make the right choice
The range of digital technologies Henry Schein Dental brings to both lab and practice can make scanning, milling and 3D printing a streamlined and efficient process, powered by digital workflows connecting laboratory and clinician.
With finance options, service and maintenance contracts, and an emergency call-out service also available, Henry Schein can provide an all-round package, allowing technicians to get the job done.

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