Have you ever been in a room talking with other people and, whatever the debate, you have fully unleashed your extensive and well-grounded knowledge on a particular topic? In silence, stunned by your knowledge, the other participants were actively listening. Their avid attention to your discussion directly relates to how you felt: proud, influential, worthy of respect. In a world of work caught in the whirlwind of the digital transition, an inquisitive mind open to change is the trump card for establishing yourself as a forerunner of tomorrow and always working one step ahead.

Once an important work goal has been achieved or a cutting-edge CAD/CAM has been purchased, you might feel as if you are ‘set for life’. This is an easy trap to fall into during the course of one’s career! An excellent dental practice or laboratory that you never hear from, a well-known company that indulges in the success of past inventions – falling into predictability and ceasing to be innovative – are destined, one small step at a time, to lose all the competitive advantage they built over the years. A relentless pursuit of what is new is what we possess to overcome the dangers of routine and, above all, it is the best asset to stand out from competitors. After all, the world of work is a mirror of social mechanisms. Think about it: people who are always up-to-date, creative and unpredictable are constantly the object of curiosity and attention. In their originality, they stand out from the crowd, everyone imitates them, everyone wants to be like them. It is their lifestyle that shapes fashions, not vice versa.

In the dental market, and in the general world of work, whoever is up to date with the latest news in the field demonstrates competence, professionalism and versatility. Any dentist would be excited to work with a dental technician who, along with the excellent restorations delivered, can offer an incomparable advisory service on the latest effective working techniques to meet the patients’ demands. My experience as a dental technician and, most importantly, as an entrepreneur, has shaped my deep awareness of the pitfalls of the dental market and I am proud to guide my associate dental technicians through their careers with increasing success, sharing with them everything I develop to excel in our profession. From new working methods, to new materials, through the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies, any new invention aims at bringing the clinical-lab communication to new levels and at finding an ever-increasing balance between function, aesthetics and technical simplification. With the Zirkonzahn School, I offer a variety of online and face-to-face courses for dental technicians and dentists, to whet their appetite for learning and prevent the dental team from settling into the comfort zone of the daily working routine.

As in all battles, the duel against the lazy and dull routine can only be won with an alert and perceptive spirit. There is only one motto that you can shout for victory: “No news is not good news. Always be unpredictable!”

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