Digital technologies offer many benefits to dental professionals in their everyday lives. The latest solutions available on the market are designed to simplify routine tasks, ultimately enhancing the quality of service provided – whether that is from practice to patient or from laboratory to practice.
Dr Gulshan Murgai will be discussing the topic at the Dental Technology Showcase (DTS) in May 2020. He is the owner of 4D Ceramix Dental Lab, Clinical Director and CEO of Skin & Smiles Ltd and Managing Director of Implant Solutions Direct. Here he summarises what he feels are the main advantages of digital dentistry.
“It’s fast, easy and more accurate than traditional methods,” he says. “It also adds a wow factor for patients, is more comfortable for them and is kinder on the environment. In terms of the standard of service that can be provided to patients, digital allows same-day dentistry. Dental laboratories can often fabricate products and devices in less time than they once could, enhancing the service to dentists and patients. It also improves record keeping with documents that are easier to find and don’t degrade. In addition, businesses benefit from tax efficient purchases when investing in the digital workflow.”
Despite the multiple potential advantages of digital, there are still some barriers that may prevent some dental professionals from investing in the field. Dr Murgai goes on to explain how to overcome some of these:
“The learning curve is one possible barrier to digital, so it is important for professionals to ensure that they have access to sufficient training and on-going support. The upfront cost of equipment can also prove difficult for some businesses but utilising one of the many finance options now available can help significantly. Thirdly, the amount of NHS work completed in a lab or practice may influence decisions about digital solutions. There is a perception that the time required for learning and data acquisition may eliminate the possibility of introducing digital. However, as already mentioned, there are some simple solutions that make investment in digital viable for all dental businesses.”
Dr Murgai will be presenting at DTS 2020 on “VITA – Chairside Solutions”, sponsored by VITA. He will discuss the digital workflows involved in different clinical scenarios, covering the capabilities of intraoral scanners and CAD options now available. He will also explore the differences between open and closed digital systems, as well as the various material choices currently on the market. He says: “If delegates only take one thing home with them, I hope it is that you must get involved with CAD/CAM and digital workflows, if you are going to benefit from them! These processes and technologies have been around for over 30 years now and the material options are growing.”
DTS 2020 will offer a dynamic educational programme, with sessions designed for all members of the team from dental technicians to clinical dental technicians, orthodontic technicians and lab owners. One of the key themes of the event will be focused on digital technologies – what they can do, how they can benefit the profession and who provides which products. The show has also partnered with MediFinance to provide finance options for equipment purchases, helping more labs invest in solutions that will drive their businesses forward.
Despite the comprehensive learning opportunities, DTS 2020 won’t be all work and no play. It offers the ideal place to catch up with friends and colleagues throughout the industry, meet new people and strengthen existing working relationships. The extensive trade floor will be the perfect platform from which to put faces to names, meet your local reps and gain advice from like-minded professionals.
“It’s a place where the extended dental team can go and learn, mingle with colleagues, network and see their suppliers all in one place,” adds Dr Murgai. “It’s a place where a technician can show his clients what technology they are willing to invest in and where they can gain education by way of lectures with their extended team.
“Trade shows in the UK will remain useful for the profession if the profession attends. Patients won’t be impressed if their dentist hasn’t invested in the technology and services that another clinic has. Similarly, dentists won’t be impressed if their lab team hasn’t made time to educate themselves with the latest technology and materials.”
To make sure you don’t miss Dr Murgai and several other highly esteemed speakers at DTS 2020, get the dates in your diary today!

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