IMPLANT-RETAINED MAXILLARY OVERDENTURE FOR FAILING UPPER BRIDGES Case Study: by Dr Hassan Maghaireh and Dr Victoria Ivancheva Leave a comment

Hassan Maghaireh and Victoria Ivancheva, of Clarendon Dental Spa and aesthetic implant referral services, present a clinical case using Roxolid Tissue level Straumann implants and Novaloc over-denture abutments, for a patient who was given his smile, confidence and chewing abilities back, which has reflected on his general well-being.

Initial situation: A 75-year-old male patient had multiple bridges built over the last 12 years. He presented with multiple  abscesses and root decays  that had developed under his latest long span bridge which needed to be accessed for root canal treatment. It was advised that a new bridge would not be successful due to deep cracks in the supporting roots ,so there was a necessity to look for alternative options…

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