COMPANY PROFILE: MY VISIT TO JOHN WINTER, HALIFAX By Larry Browne, Editor, Dental Technician Magazine Leave a comment

This month I have managed to get to see around the John Winter Company in Halifax Yorkshire.  At the recent Dental Show in Birmingham they occupied the stand opposite and it was clear they had a real appeal for many who came with a great deal of banter and interest in their collection of products and services. They recently agreed a distribution deal with Shofu and for some of us in the south their name will become much more familiar. In the past I associated the company with the supply of Plaster and other dental stones with no idea of their background. There was someone called John Winter who set the company up some 50 years ago as a Foundry supplier. In short supplying moulding materials such as investment, plaster of Paris, sand and various necessary sundries for the casting of car parts, such as engines, brakes and various other vital metal components for the Aerospace industry.  In an age of the Digital design and manufacture the need for casting remains a growing demand.

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